Alternative Energy

Sigma Electronics is a Houston based wirewound magnetics company that has been supplying the alternative energy industries with innovative solutions since 1981. We design and manufacture transformers, inductors, chokes, solenoid coils and other related wirewound magnetic products.

Providing reliable products quickly is the standard at Sigma. A management team with years of knowledge combined with highly trained engineers and an experienced sales staff results in excellent customer service.

All Sigma manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Each unit manufactured by Sigma is marked with a date code, assigned a serial number and receives 100% in-process and final testing.

Sigma recognizes the importance of efficiency in the design and manufacturing of your alternative energy products. We stock a wide variety of materials and parts to accommodate any design to your specifications including solar inverters, inductors, coils and wind power applications.

Sigma Electronics is able to assist you in every phase of design and manufacturing. Contact us today to review a new design or to duplicate or modify a current design.

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